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Our therapists at The Acorn Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre are professionally trained to deal with a wide and varied range of problems, including Addiction.

What is Addiction?

Most people when they hear the word “addict” or “addiction” think of alcohol or drugs, but addiction is much broader than that.

The compulsive use of any substance, feeling, or behaviour, regardless of the potential negative consequences to themselves or others could be called addiction.

Addictions can allow people a temporary escape from their problems, and can develop from many activities; alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling, working long hours, shopping, sex and use of the internet.

People try drugs or other potentially addictive behaviour because they are seeking some sort of reward or benefit. Those who take drugs, for instance, do so because of the physical effects they hope to experience. Drugs have a marked effect on the body and mind. If there were no effect, people would be unlikely to repeat the experience.

No one sets out just to become addicted! Substances and certain behaviours change the way we feel. If they make us feel better, relax us, make us feel powerful, excite us, let us escape and so on, we tend to go back to them.

However, in some people, those experiences uncover a powerful attraction. What can start out as casual experimentation, normal social behaviour or even a doctor’s prescription, can lead to repeating the behaviour more frequently and with greater quantities. The more you do, the more likely you’re to do more.

Millions of people suffer from an addiction of some sort. For many their craving or impulse offers a short-term escape from the realities of their life and is often used to deal with depression or anxiety. For most, the long term consequences bring extra guilt and shame which eventually create an increasingly destructive cycle drawing in family and friends.

Denial is one of the biggest obstacles in addiction treatment. Denial prevents those with addictions from seeing the truth about their problem. The disconnection from reality that denial provides prevents addicts from seeing that they need help, and allows them to continue behavior that is hurtful to themselves and those close to them.

The secure confidential setting provided by our therapists at Acorn Counselling create an environment where our clients can have an honest look at their present situation and reflect on the unhealthy coping strategies they employ to avoid dealing with what life throws at them.

Examining the underlying causes of addiction can be an excellent foundation to building a new, healthier way of living, and in the process  build self-esteem and self respect.